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Confirm A
ConfirmA is an E-Learning platform to prepare students for major examinations like UPSR. ConfirmA has been used in selected schools throughout Malaysia since 2012, and has helped many of the students to excel in UPSR. The success has prompted ConfirmA to extend its usage to more students starting from 2017.

The unique feature of ConfirmA is that the questions for each subject are arranged according to the degree of difficulty starting from Level 0, comprising the easiest questions, to Level 10, mostly involved KBAT type questions. Students who have reached Level 10, can progress further up to Level 13. From the data collected since 2012, students who managed to reach Level 10, had a good chance to score an A in the subject.

ConfirmA enables parents to closely monitor the progress and performance of their children in each subject. Parents will receive a notification through SMS an Email every time their children manage to climb to the next level. At the same time, every week, parents will receive an Email of the summary of the weekly progress of their children, and the performance of top ranked students in the country. This is to ensure that their children are on the right track to prepare for UPSR.

  • Questions are arranged from easy (Level 0) to difficult (Level 10) for every UPSR subjects
  • ConfirmA has been used by UPSR students around the country since 2012 and produced many students who excelled in UPSR with Straight As
  • Basic and fundamental questions for each subject at low levels and progressing to KBAT questions at higher levels.
  • National Ranking for every subject
  • UPSR Challenge competition and winners will get certificates and awards
  • Questions according to newest UPSR format
  • Guardians will receive SMS and Email every time their children progress to the next achievement Level
  • Weekly summary of progress for each subject sent through Email